In the past few days, I have been exploring my other group members blogs. They look into other interesting topics, Cheerleading and Baseball. Writing about their experiences and relating them to themes such as teen life and friendships. Their blogs are written with such detail and enthusiasm for their topics. Engaging the reader with humor and descriptive imagery. I thoroughly enjoyed reading their blogs, and I would definitely recommend others to view them too. (I have pasted links to their blogs below)


Today in my English class, I heard a story about a young girl, Sierra, who wanted to fit in. She spent time with a more popular girl’s family in hopes of succeeding at her goal, becoming the more popular girl’s friend. Sierra ended up having a very embarrassing moment, which wound up making her closer to the popular girl. This reminded me of my first ballet lesson, when I felt out of place next to all of the other girls. I felt like if I could just be friends with one of them I would be alright. As it was my first ballet lesson, I did not quite understand what everyone else seemingly found so simple. When we were at the barre using the right foot, I used my left, so on and so forth. I didn’t feel like I belonged there, since everyone else seemed so amazing. I felt like I was going to cry. At the end of class, one girl came and sat next to me as we put on our shoes. She said that it gets easier and not to worry, I would understand it soon. She and I are now best friends, and that little push let me focus on being the best I can be and not thinking so much about how I compare to the rest of the class. Ballet should not always be a competition. You should do it because you love it and you find it fun.

Ballet Class